Signature ACCESS

Signature ACCESS

An economical and multi-functional converting system

Signature Access Folder Gluer

Economical and Efficient Folder Gluer

The Signature Access folder gluer is ideal for cost-effective production of a variety of folding carton designs eliminating the need for multiple machines.

  • Designed to run straight line, lock bottom, and 4&6 corner cartons
  • Servo backfolding device can run up to 250 mpm (40,000 sheets per hour)
  • Engineered for easy setup and quick changeover
  • Open design for operator-friendly accessibility

Model Sizes: 70-90-110 mm

Signature Access Carton Specs
Signature Access Features

Signature Folder Gluers are designed to be versatile, offering specialized, unique machines for your individual packaging needs. The features below are just a few of the customizing options available on the Signature Access.

Signature Folder Gluer Elite prefeeder
Feeder Section
Highly versatile Signature™ feed section with pneumatically lifted feed gates and side guides, allows for faster change-over and blank removal.
Signature Folder Gluer Elite pre-break section
Pre-Break Section
180-degree 1st and 3rd score pre-break and compound folding options. Includes an extended height 3rd score pre-break area for large cartons
Crash-Lock Bottom
Designed as a single clamping system that can be pre-assembled and quickly positioned to reduce setup time.
Servo Backfold System
For reliable 4&6 corner productivity. Touch screen control adjustments can be made without the need for shaft reconfiguration.
Signature Folder Gluer Elite Glue Pots
Glue Pots
Left and right glue pots are standard for gluing A&B style cartons and adding more versatility. Glue wheels of various widths are available, knurled or smooth.
Signature Folder Gluer Elite Compression Section
Compression Section
The compression section includes a two-stage pneumatic pressure control for accurate glue bonding.