Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

American International Machinery (AIM) has a long-standing reputation for exceptional customer support. We want to be your partner in success, not just a supplier of converting equipment. Be it a Signature Folder Gluer or other, we are here to help. Here is a list of questions we are frequently asked by customers and industry professionals. As always, feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your specific needs at 414.764.3223 or sales@americanintl.com.

Parts Ordering

How do I order parts for my Signature Folder Gluer?

Have the machine number (usaully starts with FG, PF, SP, etc.), serial number (located on the machine), type of machine (Elite, Premier, SIG-PACK, etc.). In your parts manual, have the page number, item number, and parts description. Belts, for example, come in many different widths, lengths, and thickness. Having all the above information ensures the correct item is ordered.

What if I cannot find the part in the parts manual or I do not have a parts manual?

No worries! Send us a picture of the part needed along with where it is located on the machine (feeder, first fold, glue pot, trombone section, etc.). Don’t forget to include the machine number, serial number and type!

I need to order belts. What info is needed?

When ordering belts in particular, the item number along with the belt size is very important. Most often, the belt description will have information such as 3Tx20x3450. This breaks down as: 3T = thickness of belt, 20 = width of belt, 3450 = length of belt.

Can I order parts for other brands of converting equipment through American International Machinery?

No, AIM does not supply parts for other manufacturers. Our techs, however, are experienced with all the major brands of converting equipment and are able to troubleshoot, replace parts, and repair all types of converting equipment.

New Converting Equipment

Why should I consider buying Signature brand of converting equipment?

  1. Reliability: Signature Folder Gluers have reliably served the converting industry for over 20 years. The equipment strictly adheres to our tag line of “Durability. Versatility. Affordability." because we put the needs of each customer first. Other manufacturers have swapped out the more durable materials, such as steel, for cheaper materials that don’t last, but create a larger profit margin.
  2. Customer Service: As a smaller, family-owned supplier, we put an emphasis on quality and customer support. The Signature line of converting equipment can be customized to the individual needs of our customers, something most major manufacturers do not offer. 
  3. Technical Support: Centrally located in the Midwest, our technicians can be dispatched quickly and arrive within days, not weeks, getting you back up and running quickly. Oftentimes, issues can be addressed over the phone at no charge for our Signature Folder Gluer owners.

My company is new to converting. Should we buy new or used equipment?

Buying new versus used converting equipment is a tough decision. Whether you are an established company and decided to offer finishing as a new service, or just starting out, we like to say “walk before you run." That is where we stand apart. We discuss your situation and offer advice that is best for YOU and not us. We will not sell a machine just for the sale. With AIM, we strive to be your partner for converting equipment.

Can I customize a Signature Folder Gluer for my needs?

Yes! That is what separates us from other manufacturers. We will tailor a folder gluer machine to your needs – adding sections, developing tooling, training your operators, etc. Our engineers will come up with a design based on the result you are looking for. Contact our sales team for more information.

What are the main differences of a Signature vs. other folder gluer models?

The differences between the Signature Folder Gluers versus other manufacturers are numerous. Here are a few that our customer find most important:

  • Construction. Our equipment utilizes durable materials that are meant to last under strenuous production runs. Other manufacturers have switched some parts to cheaper materials to increase their profit margins.
  • Versatility. All Signature Folder Gluers are constructed to be versatile and produce a variety of carton sizes and shapes eliminating the need for multiple machines.
  • Customization. Signature Folder Gluers can be designed for different packaging needs based on customer requirements. Signature also has a line of ancillary equipment (automatic packers, prefeeders, print inspection, etc.) for increased productivity and quality control. 
  • Service. We pride ourselves on servicing our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Oftentimes, customer call in to speak to a technician and issues are solved over the phone at no charge! For more complicated needs, our technicians can be dispatched immediately and will arrive in a matter of days, not weeks.

Used Converting Equipment

What should I look for when buying used converting equipment?

There are lots of variables to consider when purchasing used converting equipment. You can get a good feel for the equipment by what the overall condition of the machine is. Make sure the machine has all parts/components and it is always beneficial to see the machine running in production, if possible. If it is not in production, view the machine running at various speeds.

It is always best to have a qualified technician specific to the type of equipment of interest to inspect any used machinery prior to purchasing. AIM has qualified technicians that can inspect used converting equipment before you make the purchase.

How do I find a specific type of used machine?

Start with contacting us! Our sales staff has decades of experience sourcing the right machine for our customers’ needs. 

It’s pretty unusual to find the perfect piece of used equipment that only has the capabilities you are presently looking for. Most machinery is not manufactured to produce only one product, so it is important to keep in mind the additional capabilities that some equipment might offer. Our staff at AIM can find the used machine to satisfy your current needs and identify possible opportunities each sourced machine may offer. This is where our experience is vital as we’ve assisted numerous customers with expanding their service offering by finding the right machine with the right additional capabilities.

I am selling my equipment. Does AIM purchase used converting equipment?

Yes, AIM does purchase quality used converting equipment from other manufacturers outright.

AIM is also one of the few suppliers of new converting equipment that will take used equipment on trade and can be put towards other types of used equipment or a new Signature brand machine. 

How do I know if I should buy new, used, or rebuild my current machine?

Much of this decision is based on what the needs are of the company and expectations for the equipment now and for future opportunities. AIM’s highly experienced sales staff can work with companies to determine the best solution for their production needs now and future opportunities.

AIM has an extensive network of customers and dealers that can source quality used equipment from around the world. Should a rebuild be the best solution, AIM has qualified technicians and industry partnerships that can get the job done. If new equipment is the way to go, our Signature brand of converting equipment is known for it’s versatility and customizing options not seen with other major manufacturers. This option has been invaluable for packaging manufacturers in need of specialized folder gluer machines.