SIG-PACK Carton Packer

SIG-PACK Carton Packer

Automatic carton packer for folder gluers

SIG-PACK Carton Packer

High Speed Automatic Carton Packer

The Signature Folder Gluer SIG-PACK is known for its accurate box counts, simple maintenance, operator friendliness, and energy efficiency making it a productive and economic solution for any converting operation.

  • Compatible with most existing folder gluers brands
  • Run speeds up to 200,000 blanks per hour
  • Convertible stock: solid board: 200-650 g/m2; straightline box type
  • Available in multiple configurations
Carton Specifications
2 or 4 Crease LineA = 100-500 mm

B = 50-400 mm
(with or without closing flaps)
C = 300-700 mm

D = 160-600 mm

E = 100-420 mm