Signature SELECT

Signature SELECT

Signature SELECT Folder Gluer Machine

Model Sizes:70 – 90-110-135

Signature’s Heavyweight Champion

The Signature™ Select family of folder gluers will meet and exceed your converting expectations, improve your productivity and lower costs.


Extensive Carton Range

Signature folder gluers easily produce an amazing variety of cartons. Operator creativity along with standard and customized tooling, evolves each Signature folder gluer into a truly multi-functional production system. While each Signature model is designed for a maximum carton width, the inherent versatility eliminates the need for multiple machines.

Highly versatile Signature™ feed section with pneumatically lifted feed gates and side guides, allows for faster change-over and blank removal.
Carton Alignment Section straightens and corrects carton skewing out of the feeder for consistent and accurate folding.
Higher back-fold speed offers consistent overall production speed. Signature’s programmable AC servo drive technology along with back fold finger tooling takes reliable 4+6 corner productivity to a new level. Complete back fold data is supplied at one operator control center via a color LCD touch-screen, used for programming and storing up to 99 different jobs into memory for easy recall.