Signature EAGLE Folder Gluer Machine

Signature EAGLE Folder Gluer Machine

The Signature Series of folder gluers from AIM, Inc. have expanded their highly durable, versatile and affordable line of first-class machinery to include the new Signature EAGLE Corrugated folder gluer.

While the Signature Series of folder gluers are known to convert mostly paperboard products, they have always been able to convert some E and B Flute corrugated board just as effectively. In response to fulfilling customer needs and market opportunities, the Signature EAGLE was specifically designed and built to meet and exceed expectations and offer the best corrugated folder gluer in the market today.

The EAGLE's capabilities not only include E, B and A Flute corrugated board, but heavier cardboard substrates as well from 200-800gsm. The inherent 'Signature' design includes: Servo-controlled, vacuum assist feed section with pneumatic lifting device, computerized make-readies, carton aligner with pre- fold, increased length final-fold section, motorized trombone section, squaring /spanker devices, and dual operating mode compression section (shingling or stack-into-shingling) for proper compression of all box styles. Signature even offers an Inlet Spotter machine, the Sig-Spot Inlet Spotter, for 2-part reinforced cartons or shelf-ready containers. It simply rolls up and connects to the EAGLE for easy integration and setup.

The Signature EAGLE corrugated folder gluer comes in 3 model sizes; 135, 145 and 165 models. It is capable of straight line, lock bottom, 4-corner collapsible and 6-corner collapsible work. Straight line blank size can be as small as 7" wide up to 65". Lock Bottom blank size can be as small as 7.87" wide up to 64". 4-Corner blank size can be as small as 7.28" wide up to 63". 6-Corner blank size can be as small as 9.84" wide up to 63".

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