Signature ALBATROSS Folder Gluer Machine

The ALBATROSS series of folder gluers is the new corrugated converting addition to the Signature family of products. Just as durable, versatile and affordable as its brand counterparts, ALBATROSS folder gluers were designed in response to the corrugated market's demand for a heavy duty work horse manufactured with the same quality and workmanship that all other Signature equipment models are known for worldwide. Compared to the Signature Eagle which specializes in smaller format corrugated converting, the ALBATROSS series (currently two versions available) is engineered to cover the gamut of heavy solid board and corrugated board converting for larger format blanks.

  • Albatross Single for straightline corrugated converting only. Includes crease line press rollers just past the feeder for redefining crease lines created during the die cutting process, and adding precise carton control into the fold section. Capable of converting blank widths from 290 mm to 3,000 mm.
  • Albatross for lockbottom/4&6 corner corrugated converting. Includes wider feed belts for better carton control, and pneumatic controlled upper carriers for faster make readies. Lengthened alignment sections guarantee precise carton flow into machine, thus increasing speed and accuracy as blanks travel through the folding process. Auto make-ready functionality allows operators to retrieve previously saved program data, further quickening make ready times.

Features integrated into the design of the Signature family of folder gluers include a servo-controlled, vacuum assist feed section with pneumatic lifting devices, computerized make readies, Servo operated 4&6 corner backfold, a motorized trombone section and a dual operating mode compression section for proper compression of all box styles. The Signature ALBATROSS series is capable of running straightline, lockbottom and 4&6 corner blanks on heavy solid board from 32-60 point (800-2000 gm2) and corrugated board from N through A flute at speeds of 20-350 m/min (subject to the model). Various double wall combinations can be run on the ALBATROSS for added carton style flexibility.

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Video for Albatross Corrugated Folder Gluer

Video for Albatross Single Corrugated Folder Gluer