Heavy duty workhorse for straight line corrugated converting

Signature Albatross SL Folder Gluer

Engineered to produce straight line, large format corrugated products

The Signature Albatross SL specializes in converting of heavy solid board and corrugated board for larger format blanks with run speeds up to 180 m/m, but for straight line converting only. 

  • Designed to run large format straight line folding carton and corrugated board
  • Heavy solid board (32-60 point or 800-2,000 gm2)
  • Corrugated board (N to A flute) plus double wall combinations
  • Folding carton material up to 10 mm

Model Sizes: 2100SL, 2500SL, 2900SL

Signature Albatross SL Carton specs
Max. Glue Size370 x 2,100 mm370 x 2,500 mm370 x 2,900 mm
M/C Dimension2,400 x 15,0002,900 x 15,0003,200 x 15,000
Box Size: A185/250 - 865/800185/250 - 1,065/1,000185/250 - 1,265/1,260
Box Size: B185/220 - 575/550185/220 - 675/650185/220 - 775/750
Box Size: C500 - 2,100500 - 2,500500 - 2,900
Box Size: D300 - 1,100500 - 1,100500 - 1,100
Box Size: E8080
Signature Albatross SL Features

Signature Folder Gluers are designed to be versatile offering specialized, unique machines for your individual packaging needs. The features below are just a few of the customizing options available on the Signature Albatross SL.

Signature Folder Gluer Albatross SL corrugated folder gluer feeder section
Feeder Section
Motorized feed system with separate belt track and vacuum suction belt.
Signature Folder Gluer Albatross SL corrugated folder gluer press roller
Creasing line press roller
Supports perfect folding by re-pressing the crease lines created by the die cutter.
Signature Folder Gluer Albatross SL corrugated folder gluer spanker
Realigns blanks that flow out of the final fold section for better blank control.