Used Converting Equipment

Our experienced team provides all brands of rebuilt, reconditioned, modernized and as-is folding carton converting machinery such as Jagenberg and Bobst Diecutters.

American International Machinery's single focus is on supplying new and used converting equipment for all sizes of folding carton and corrugated producers. AIM's internal expertise is across many skill sets, and includes a significant network of world class suppliers, ultimately providing a single source solution for each and every customer.

Buy Used, But Buy It Right!

Time and money drive most business decisions and is key to why many of our clients choose well-accepted brands of used equipment to fill their production needs. The constant availability of moderately priced and proven converting technology requires a partner skilled in the selection process. AIM has over three decades of converting machinery and die cutting equipment repair and rebuild experience, as well as the skills to evaluate available machinery. Our extensive network of agents as well as ongoing relationships with 1000's of clients provide you an unequalled resource for selecting that "just right" used machine. The services of a competent resource such as AIM is essential whether purchasing "AS IS", "RECONDITIONED", "REBUILT" or "UPGRADED".

Used Equipment, What's Right For You

Time and time again we are asked, "what are the differences in the terms thrown around for Used

Equipment". We at AIM are convinced that clear definitions for each level of machine condition provide our customers with a better way to evaluate their purchase options. We have created what we believe are concise and consistent descriptions for each level of machine.

With a variety of used equipment alternatives we can focus on specific solutions that meet the capital investment plans for each and every customer.

New Life To Old Equipment

If your folding carton converting equipment has been around for years, don't let it become extinct. AIM can determine if your style or model is suited for a rebuild or we can search for a solid candidate to rebuild for you. AIM can give either your machinery or our used stock new life, with cost saving rebuilds and component upgrades. Most upgrades are not just to replace antiquated components, but can be used to create an even more productive machine (better than new). A good rebuilt machine can reduce set ups, ease maintenance, handle a new product or project, and improve carton volume.

With our rebuild and upgrade services you'll extend the useful life of your machinery and avoid the cost of new. So don't wait another minute to improve your productivity.

Why The Best Converting Machinery May Be The One (One's) You Already Own.

At some point it was bound to happen. You find your plant bottlenecked from increased volume demands or unable to serve a client with a new box application. You could invest in a new machine and in some cases that is the best solution, but don't overlook the used equipment alternative. At a fraction of the cost of new machinery, rebuilds and upgrades are a sensible solution for extracting more productive life from your existing assets. Whether you want to increase machine speed, provide more accurate material positioning, convert different stock sizes, or improve set up cycle times contact AIM to provide an assessment of the convertibility of your existing machinery.