New Signature Select Install in Texas

Tuesday February 28, 2017

We're so excited about the recent installation of a new Signature Select 110SLB46 in the Dallas, TX area. This Select is equipped with an inline ejector for inspection/quality control and new FastFold technology for higher speed production and less waste. American reported a 64% increase in new Signature folder gluer sales in 2016 compared to 5 years ago. By mid 2017, American will have 22 Signature folder gluers in production in Texas and a total of 262 throughout North America including ancillary equipment installations like Sig-Feed Prefeeders and Sig-Pack Auto Packers. "We're growing at a record pace. The Signature brand's positive reputation for solid construction, ease of use, versatile blank style production, and affordability continues to reach our North and Latin American customers," -Kevin Koplin, Managing Director.