Employee Spotlight.....Don Gray!

Monday October 1, 2018

If you've had the pleasure of speaking with Don Gray, AIM's Operations Manager, then you know Don's motto "Work hard for every customer, everyday, because at AIM we aim to please" is more than just words. His favorite part about working for AIM, "nothing better than helping out our customers when they are having a problem."

Did you know Don doesn't have any phobias? What kind of hobbies does a person that is not afraid of anything have.....why cooking and baking of course!

Along with cooking and baking, Don also enjoys football and he's an avid golfer. You'll find he's out of the office more frequently in Autumn - the best weather for golf!

Being in the industry for 41 years, Don has developed a rapport with many customers. Joy N. had this to say, "I have been with Tavo for 4 yrs, took over ordering parts 2.5yrs ago, not knowing anything about parts on a folder gluer, I have reached out to Don on many occasions, asking about how to locate a parts on the gluers, understanding the parts catalogs and even asking how to troubleshot different areas of our gluers. Each and every time, Don has been very helpful, great attitude towards me."

Want to get to know Don even better? Here are a few more details Don shared with us:

Q. Before working at AIM, what was the most unusual job you've had?

A. I was a sophomore in high school and worked at Ziegler Candy Company making a variety of candy bars for the servicemen in Vietnam.

Q. What is your favorite travel spot?

A. Manistique Michigan, my home town, Ireland and Austria...all 3 places feel like home to me.

Q. What is the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

A. On a trip to Korea, we had some sort of squid and it was still moving! It tasted okay, it was the moving part that was weird.

Q. What music is on your iPhone/Android?

A. I like a variety of music from the big band era to current day music. I'm a big Elivs fan and I'm a Christmas person so I like Christmas songs.