Signature Optional Equipment

Further enhancing Productivity and Versatility with Signature optional Equipment.

The revolutionary Signature Fast Fold System can increase productivity of complex cartons by up to 300%! Producing complex cartons such as beverage carriers of all types and much more.

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Signature™ Sig-Feed pre-feeder for any folder gluer. Precise feed control and easy to operate.

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Signature™ Sig-Pack Carton Packer. Automatic carton packer for folder gluers.

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Signature Speed-O-Line Semi-automatic carton packer.
Delivers finished cartons via spiral conveyor to collection table for easy packing.

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Signature Carton Alignment Section straightens and corrects carton skewing out of feed section for folding accuracy and consistency.

Signature In-line Carton Ejection System allows for safe and efficient carton ejection inline, at any time, for inspection or quality control.

Signature 3rd Backfolding Station eliminates carton pivoting and further enhances versatility.

Rotobraille Braille embossing solution from Signature.

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Optional Signature Z-Fold Attachment for special folds.

Optional Signature Pocket Folder Attachment for Pocket Folders.
Air Blast System
Optional Signature Air-Blast System for air-assisted folding.

Signature™ Nick-Breaking System.
The beverage carrier carton solution.

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Plastic Carton Feeder for plastic blanks. Signature’s solution for feeding plastic blanks flawlessly.

Plasma Treatment System for carton surface treatment inline.

Sig-Spot Inlet Spotter
In response to the increasing demand for Shelf Ready Packaging, i.e. Detergent Boxes and Displays, Signature's Inlet Spotter is designed for gluing these 2-part cartons accurately and reliably.

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